The UK Market from EU Eyes

A new report from New Direction explores the trading relationship between the UK and Europe, with a focus on the potential impact of the UK leaving the European Union.

'The UK Market from EU Eyes' includes analysis from British economist Ruth Lea, Ireland's former Europe Minister Dick Roche and Anna Fotyga MEP, who was previously Poland's Foreign Minister. Featuring both economic and political analysis, the report takes no view on whether the UK should remain part of the European Union, but seeks to shed light on one of the key trading relationships in Europe.

The report's editor David Campbell Bannerman MEP, Conservative Joint Spokesman on International Trade, commented:

"The real debate on Brexit, as the rich and varied commentaries here show from a number of national viewpoints, is not over whether a sound trading relationship between the UK and the EU will survive transition, but over wider issues of diplomacy, geopolitics, European solidarity and togetherness. My own views are well known, but this timely report seeks to educate and inform about the realities of jobs, exports and growth, and how they could be affected.

The report features contributions from Ruth Lea CBE, Hans-Olaf Henkel MEP, Dick Roche (former Irish Europe Minister), Morten Messerschmidt  MEP, Anna Fotyga MEP and Alejo Vidal-Quadras (former MEP and Vice President, European Parliament).



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