The Local Impact of the EU Law, Who’s Keeping Score?

In the paper, Richard Torr, an expert on performance measurement, will present the data behind the Subsidiarity Scoreboard, a tool aimed at measuring the impact of EU law at a local level. The Scoreboard is a tool for monitoring the effectiveness of EU legislation at a local level with the aim of identifying areas in which local authorities could be better placed to legislate. The Scoreboard uses the idea of a ‘cards’ system from the Early Warning System as a tangible way of ranking existing EU laws.

“Did this need to be done at EU level?”, “What effect has this regulation ended up having?” These are the sort of questions that are often posed and for which anecdotal answers are often provided. Is there a way to move beyond the anecdotal? How can we formulate an evidence based assessment? Is there a way that the impact of legislation can be looked at that is user-friendly, accessible and objective?
This document is a significant step towards providing such a way." said Andrew Lewer MBE MEP.


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