Opinion | ‘Greece must leave the euro’

In a recent article 'Greece must leave the euro' published by Politico Europe, prof. Joachim Strarbatty MEP challenges the conventional wisdom that the German doctrine of ordoliberalism is in favour of austerity as a solution for countries with overvalued currencies. Prof. Starbatty advocates that a real Greek recovery will be possible if Greece leaves the euro, and only then debt restructuring can bring expected effects.  In order to mitigate the risks, prof. Starbatty underlines that the exit of Greece from the euro needs to be a negotiated and coordinated action, which ought to be backed by the IMF, the ECB, the EC and EU members states. 

Mr Joachim Starbatty MEP is a member of the European (AfD) and New Direction – The Foundation for European Reform. He is also professor emeritus of economics at the University of Tübingen and chair of the European Conservatives and Reformists Policy Group on the Eurozone 

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