Next Generation Telecom Policy and the Digital Single Market

The Digital Single Market (DSM) and the telecommunications industry are today seen as the most important drivers of competition, growth and innovation in the global economy. Currently the market is estimated to be worth €400 billion annually and this year it is expected that three billion people will be connected to the Internet. However the DSM and telecoms industry also face difficulties in Europe – in 2000 the EU accounted for one third of the world’s telecom investment, today due to the EU regulator mismanagement this has plummeted to one fifth of the world total.

As a result in its latest publication, New Direction commissioned Information Technology expert Roslyn Layton PHD to write a report analysing the market and policy surrounding both the telecoms industry and the DSM in Europe.

The report looks into the EU Commission’s 2020 agenda on the DSM and telecoms highlighting that whilst the Commission strategic goals are laudable, the actual policies they plan on pursuing would actually harm the market. Furthermore the report provides evidence on why the DSM and telecoms market will be key to Europe’s economic future. Also explored are the different factors affecting the DSM and telecoms industry such as the role of the public sector, fragmentation and convergence and the freelance economy.

New Direction President Tomasz Poręba MEP praised the report highlighting that “As the digital economy expands there are more and more opportunities for companies across Europe to grow, create jobs and help consumers to secure a better deal. However, too often these opportunities are being stifled by burdensome regulations and differing national regimes”.



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