New Direction hosted the Hon. Tony Abbott MP, former Prime Minister of Australia

New Direction held a private business breakfast with the Honourable Tony Abbott MP this morning, chaired by Tomasz Poręba MEP. Tony Abbott MP was accompanied by Australian ambassador H.E. Mark Higgie. Also in attendance were David Campbell Bannerman MEP, Daniele Capezzone MP, Jackie Foster MEP, Ashley Fox MEP, Daniel Hannan MEP, Syed Kamall MEP, Karol Karski MEP, Ryszard Legutko MEP, and Andrew Lewer MEP.

The breakfast’s conversation centred around solutions to current crises in Europe, and the role the EU should or should not have in Europe’s future. Tony Abbott provided invaluable insights from his successful experiences in Australian government, with topics as varied as border security to global free trade to national unity.

Overall, the breakfast was both congenial and productive, exemplifying the work we do at New Direction.

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