Profit shouldn’t be a dirty word in drug development

The UN High Level Panel on Access to Medicines argues in a new report that medicines would be cheaper if governments replaced markets in drug development. Yet the market-based system has been an enormous force for progress and medical innovation over the past 100 years. If the goal is to improve public health, the UN should be looking at ways to embrace the market, rather than replace it.

Merkel’s party slumps, but don’t count her out for 2017

Angela Merkel's party, the CDU, has suffered its worst ever performance in the Berlin elections. It took only 18% of the vote, losing control of the city's government. More alarmingly for the Chancellor, the populist AfD party gained around 13% of the vote, largely thanks to its heavily anti-immigration rhetoric. What does that mean for Merkel's chances of keeping the top job in next year's federal elections?

Using coffee grounds to save lives

Scientists have discovered an innovative way to reduce waste from the coffee industry - and at the same time help remove other toxic chemicals from the environment. By adding sugar and silicone to coffee grounds, the researchers were able to make a foamy brick that was easy to use as a filter: one test piece successfully removed 99% of lead and mercury ions from contaminated water within 30 hours.

Uganda’s refugees enriched Britain. Could Syria’s do the same?

Having been forced to leave by Uganda’s dictator Idi Amin, 27,000 Ugandan Asians were resettled in Britain in 1972. As it turned out, Amin's economic self-destruction was Britain's gain: in Leicester alone, 30,000 jobs have been created by Ugandan Asian businesses. Even as attitudes towards immigration turn more hostile, we should look to this example of how Britain was repaid for its kindness towards those in genuine need.

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