Travis Kalanick, Uber and the cutting edge of capitalism

In spite of the string of bad publicity that has forced its CEO, Travis Kalanick, to step down, Uber has been a transformative force - and mostly a force for good. But the story of the company and its boss also highlights some worrying aspects of the structure of the modern economy, and of the tech giants' behaviour.

Emmanuel Macron is finally showing his true colours

Emmanuel Macron has won the greatest accumulator bet in the history of French politics, claiming not just the presidency but an unprecedented parliamentary majority. And now he is moving to clean house, dispensing of troublesome allies with an admirable ruthlessness. The Boy King turns out to possess that cardinal political virtue: ingratitude.

Britain needs visionary thinking. Where are the visionaries?

The 52/48 result in last year's EU referendum did not give either side carte blanche. We must leave the European Union, but do so in a way that most sensible Remainers can live with. One year on, are we any closer to that? Yes. But not yet close enough. Getting it right isn't just about coming to an agreement with the EU. It's about making the most of our new found freedom.

Even Marx understood the importance of factories

A new book about the origins of the iPhone spends much time dwelling on the exploitation of those who assembled the device in the sheds of Shenzen. Yet average manufacturing wages in China have gone from $1,000 a year to $7,000 in under two decades - the greatest diminution in poverty in the history of our species.

Europe is more divided than Brussels would have you believe

With the election of Macron and the humiliation of May, the European elite feel the tide has turned in their favour. Even the economy is picking up. Yet that newfound self-confidence masks deep divisions between and within Europe's people and elites - at a time when the challenges facing the continent remain severe.

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