Calm down – Brexit is still on course

Those who always wanted Britain to stay in the EU have jumped on Theresa May's lost majority to argue we are now destined for a so-called 'soft Brexit'. But they'd have said the same if she'd won by 100 seats. The truth is that this election changes nothing significant about Brexit - and if politicians argue more about it, that's all to the good.

Manifesto for a New American Liberalism

Liberalism, in the old-fashioned sense of the word, is all too hard to come by in contemporary politics - even though it is the source of the freedom and prosperity we enjoy today. Part manifesto, part memoir, this extended essay considers how to make the case for liberty - and all that it brings.

What Milton Friedman can teach the Tories

Friedman understood that the case for the free market was not just a question of dry economics. It was also about what it means to be human - and how much human freedom suffers under the alternatives to capitalism. By embracing the power of individual liberty, the Conservatives could still convert voters turned off by Mayism.

Want to raise workers’ wages? Then buy what they make

A new campaign fronted by Annie Lennox is calling for garment workers' wages in Bangladesh to be tripled. However well-intentioned, it ignores the fact that wages are determined by an economy's productivity. Thankfully, there is a tried and tested way to make the world's poor rich: get out of the way and let demand raise living standards.

The EU’s euro clearing plan is an act of protectionist self-harm

Brussels is determined to use Brexit as an excuse to bring euro clearing - an essential part of the financial system - under its control. This 'repatriation' may be politically desirable, but it is economically illiterate. If eurozone leaders want their economy to thrive, they must let the euro be a global currency - and leave London be.


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