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Economic war between the UK and EU is in no one's interest

Britain's trade with Europe did not begin in 1973 and it will not end after today's Article 50 vote. Despite some of the more hysterical prognoses, Britain remains one of the largest and most important parts of the European economy. For all the rhetoric of pour encourager les autres, the EU has a £90 billion trade gap with the UK to fill - something which should persuade its wiser heads to maintain our centuries of common trade.

Trump and Bannon see the world through blood-splattered spectacles

Donald Trump is accusing the media of ignoring terrorist atrocities. But if anything, the press is biased the other way. It systematically over-focuses on the violent, spectacular and unpleasant, and ignores less arresting but far more important issues. The issue with Trump is that he and his adviser Steve Bannon take this tendency to the extreme, to the point where they see only the bad in the world.

China’s road to diplomatic dominance

China's plan to link the Silk Road with European markets brings a welcome boost to its own factories - they get to build the infrastructure which is currently advancing across Central Asia. But at what cost to the countries it crosses? With Chinese battleships appearing in Asian ports and complaints that trade is being used as a means of coercion, it looks like economic dominion isn't the only thing being plotted.

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