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Three things you need to know about Polish immigration 

New ONS figures show that Poland has overtaken India as the most common foreign country of birth for UK residents: there were 831,000 Polish-born UK residents in 2015. Before you panic, here are three things to remember. Polish people make exceptional contributions to the economy and British life; EU immigration has benefitted Britain; and even Brexiteers understand the importance of immigration to the UK economy.

How we are beating hunger in 5 graphs

As recently as 1992, over a quarter of the world’s population was undernourished. Yet despite population growth, the number of undernourished persons has fallen from over 950m in 1992 to about 685m in 2015, a 28% reduction. The amount of food produced per person worldwide is now 20% greater than it was in 2005. Thanks to the Green Revolution and subsequent innovations, we are producing more food per hectare.

How the sharing economy is transforming lives in Indonesia 

The informal sector currently absorbs 80% of the Indonesian workforce. A group of tech start-ups are helping to transform society - not just by bringing in services like ride-sharing, but by bringing Indonesians into the formal economy. Teaching people how to use their smartphones and instructing them in basic financial literacy might not sound glamorous, but it could be the key to modernizing the economy.

Trade should be at the top of Temer's To Do list

Michel Temer formally took the place of Dilma Rousseff as Brazil's President after her impeachment yesterday. Reining in inflation, tackling corruption, privatizing state-owned enterprises, and cutting the budget deficit are all top priorities for the new president. However, if he wants to get a handle on the anaemic economy he is inheriting, Temer will also need to focus on Brazil’s nightmarish trade regime.

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